Chemical Standards Department  

Instrumental analysis of trace elements occupies center stage in the field of chemical analysis today. Consequently, the reliability of analytical values has become particularly crucial. Ensuring the accuracy of results is also very important for inter-laboratory comparisons. The use of reference materials is necessary in order to ensure the reliability of data. CERI is the only calibration laboratory designated by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in accordance with the Traceability System based on the Measurement Law. In this capacity, it produces an array of primary reference materials-including standard gases, pH standard solutions, metal standard solutions, and anion standard solutions and prepares secondary reference materials.

Production of primary reference materials and calibration of secondary reference materials as a designated calibration laboratory in accordance with the Measurement Law's Traceability System
Inspection and testing of working reference materials calibrated by accredited calibration laboratories
Purity and impurity analysis of gases and chemicals
Precision scale for the production of primary reference gases
Primary reference solutions
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