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Micro column

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Micro column is a nano/micro column with 0.075 mm- 0.3 mm I.D. It is a high-performance column that was manufactured by combining low-absorption packing materials, including L-column series, an originally developed packing technique and a column structure with a small dead volume.

Micro column

This column is easy to handle because it is a fused silica capillary with an outer sleeve of PEEK resin. Connection to MS is easy because connectors are attached to the column.

  • Inner diameter: 0.075 mm-0.3 mm
  • Connection: 1/16 inch stainless-steel connector
Micro column
Trap column

In proteomic analysis using LC/MS/MS, the trap column is indispensable for increasing the injection volume.
This trap column does not decrease the theoretical plate number because of its very small dead volume.

Trap column