CERI's Role  

The Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute, Japan (CERI) engages in a wide scope of activities related to chemicals, including experiments, testing, analysis, evaluations, and research and development. Our ultimate objective is to further the sound development of industry and enhance people's lifestyles by upgrading the quality of chemicals and assuring their safety while at the same time emphasizing environmental preservation and the protection of health.

As an independent, unbiased organization that is committed to keeping chemicals and the environment in balance, CERI plays a supporting role in the research and development projects of clients utilizing its services. Working in state-of-the-art facilities, our highly qualified professionals conduct a range of chemical analysis techniques and bio-testing methods for these clients. CERI's staff has also performed tests, analysis, research, and studies designed to solve technical problems in the field of chemicals.

We think in terms of the entire life cycle of chemicals, from their development to their production, consumption, and abandonment. This focus defines the way that CERI carries out basic research, the development of testing methods, the development of techniques to assess risk, data collection and analysis, and other functions. Committed to being an institute that performs such comprehensive evaluations, we will continue to count on the ongoing support and cooperation of our clients and others in the world of chemicals.