General Affairs Department/Policy Planning Department /Chemical Biotesting Center/Environmental Technology Department/Chemicals Assessment and Research Center
1-4-25 Kouraku,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 112-0004
General Affairs Department TEL (+81)3-5804-6131/FAX (+81)3-5804-6139
Policy Planning Department TEL (+81)3-5804-6132/FAX (+81)3-5804-6139
Chemical Biotesting Center TEL (+81)3-5804-6134/FAX (+81)3-5804-6140
Environmental Technology Department TEL (+81)3-5804-6144/FAX (+81)3-5804-6139
Chemicals Assessment and Research Center TEL (+81)3-5804-6135/FAX (+81)3-5804-6139
Traffic Facilities
JR Iidabashi station eastward exit with in a 5-min walk
JR suidobashi station with in a 8-min walk
Subway Tozai Line,Yurakucho Line,Nanboku Line Iidabashi station(A1exit) with in a 5-min walk
Subway Oedo Line Iidabashi station(C2exit) with in a 1-min walk