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Silica-based columns with the many advantages of high separation efficiency and mechanical strength are currently used most generally for the columns for reversed phase chromatography. On the other hand, the pH range of usable eluent is limited because exposure to the alkaline solution are easily dissolved silica.

L-column3 is an all-around column where the chemical stability (acid and alkaline resistance) of the packing materials is dramatically improved by using newly developed and highly alkaline resistant PCS silica (perfect chemical stable silica) and perfectly stable end-capping with performance much higher than that of L-column2.

L-column3 proposes the possibility of a new analysis.

Base silica gel

  • Base silica gel PCS Silica
    Average pore size 12 nm
    Surface area 340 m2/g
  • L-column3 PCS Image

C18 (ODS)

  • Average particle size: 2 µm, 3 µm, 5 µm
    Bonded phase: C18 (Octadecyl)
    End-capping: Yes
    USP category: L1
    Range of pH: pH 1 – pH 12
  • L-column3 C18(ODS) Image

C8 (Octyl)

  • Average particle size: 3 µm, 5 µm
    Bonded phase: C8 (Octyl)
    End-capping: Yes
    USP category: L7
    Range of pH: pH 1 – pH 12
  • L-column3 C8(ODSctyl) Image