Preparation of IUCLID Dossier on the safety data of existing chemicals in Japan  

*Safety tests of existing chemicals in Japan:

Japanese government has been conducting safety test on approximately 2,000 Japanese existing chemicals. Most of these data were conducted according to OECD test guideline in compliance with GLP. These data cover following endpoints.

  • Bio degradation
  • Bio accumulation
  • Animal toxicity (oral acute toxicity, 28-repeated dose toxicity etc.)
  • Genotoxicity (Basically Ames and Chromosomal aberration tests)
  • Ecotoxicity (Algae, Crustacea (Daphnia magna), fish)

Please note!

  • These data can be usable for REACH registration after requesting it to the government authority.
  • The tests were conducted in Japanese laboratories and the reports are written in Japanese.


*Our service

We offer registrants/stakeholders (inside/outside of Japan) to support IUCLID dossier creation for REACH registration using safety data collected under the Japanese Existing Chemical Program.

Step-1: Contact us---> Mail Form
Step-2: FREE We will search whether your chemical has been tested or not in the Japanese existing chemical program based on provided information (CAS, chemical name etc.) from you.
Step-3: FREE If yes, we will inform you the presence of data.
Step-4: After your official request, we will contact the Japanese authority to have the original study reports for REACH registration on behalf of you.
Step-5: We will get the original test report (written in Japanese) from the authority and input the data into the IUCLID5 in English.
Step-6: We will send you an IUCLID export file via e-mail.


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