Chemicals Assessment and Research Center  
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Chemicals Assessment and Research Center makes researches on the testing and assessment methods for chemical safety and promotes the business operation of these researches. The Center has been making the development of assessment methods on chemicals risk and promoting them on a business basis, in addition to gather the safety information which is internationally recognized by the requests of the government and private sectors.

Development of novel methodology for chemical safety evaluation
- Genomics and Proteomics based approach
- CARCINOscreen®: Short-term carcinogenicity prediction
- Informatics
- Cell based assay and other in vitro methodologies

Planning and R&D for assessment technologies

Gathering and distributing information on the safety of chemicals
- OECD High Production Volume(HPV)Program
- Japan Challenge Program
- Registration Evaluation Authorization of Chemicals(REACH)
- NEDO Program
Development of Initial Risk Assessment Method for Chemical Substances and Preparation of the lnitiaI Risk Assessment
- The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals(GHS)
Total consultation on REACH and CLP regulation
- Preparation of IUCLID dossier for the registration under REACH
Preparation of MSDS
- Preparation of MSDS with proper GHS labelling
- Preparation of MSDS for Japan and other countries
Performance of safety assessments
- Safety assessment for a single chemical
- Safety assessment with a category
Joint research with partners in industry, academia, and the government
DNA microarray analysis system (Agilent)
Nano LC-ESI-Q-TOF-mass spectrometer
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