Environmental Technology Department  

Global warming, dioxin emissions, and substances suspected of causing hormonal disruptions are among the environmental pollution problems that require urgent attention. The Environmental Technology Department conducts environmental measurements as stipulated by various laws and regulations, particularly those pertaining to the final stages of industrial activities, when products are disposed of and abandoned. Employing such mechanisms as environmental monitoring, chemical analysis, and biological monitoring to assess the environmental impact of chemicals, this department performs a valuable function by both helping to preserve the global environment and protecting human health.

Monitoring of environmental pollutants
Instrumental analysis
Measurement of boiler and incinerator exhaust gas
Water quality analysis
Small-scale water-supply system inspections
Offensive odor measurement and analysis
Workplace-environment pollution assessments
Pollution-control equipment efficiency tests
Analysis of harmful substances in industrial waste
Quality analysis of volatile oils and other substances
Liquid chromatograph and tandem mass spectroscope
High-resolution gas-chromatograph mass spectroscope
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